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If One Night A Big Fat
Man Jumps In At Your Window,
Grabs You And Puts You In A Sack Don't Worry
I Told Santa I Wanted You For Christmas.
Happy Christmas....

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1 Little Star On The Top Of The Tree,
2 Little Presents Underneath For Me,
3 Silver Ropes Twisted Around The Tree,
4 Colored Light Shining Prettily,
5 Shining Halls Flowing Silvery.
Oh, What A Sight For Use To See.
Wish You A Merry Christmas..

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From Home To Home And Heart To Heart,
From One Place To Another,
The Warmth And Joy Of Christmas,
Brings Us Closer To Each Other.
Merry X-mas

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In This X-mas,
In The Daytime If Sun Shine So Shall Ur
Expectations Come True,
At Night When Moon Comes Out So Shall U
Receive Blesses,
Then If Rain Fall So Shall It Going To Carry All
Your Problem Away From U!
Happy Merry Christmas

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Christmas Commemorates The Birth Of The Son
Of God, Jesus Christ And Truly,
The World Becomes A Delightful Place On The
It Sweeps The Magic Wand And The Snowy
Outdoors And Joyous Indoors Fills The Heart Of
One And All.

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May The Miracle Of Christmas
Fill Your Heart With Warmthand Love.
Christmas Is The Time Ofgiving And Sharing.
It Is The Time Of Loving Andforgiving.
Merry Christmas Toeveryone!

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