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People worship god Sun for his kindness and
seek forces of nature like sun and river,
Women keeps strict fast on this day and
worship God Sun during holy
Bath into river !happy chhath!

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Smile is a cooling system of Heart, Sparkling system of Eyes, Lighting system of Face & Relaxing system of Mind. So Activate All Systems with Your Sweet Smile ..

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"खुदा प्यार सबको देता है,
दिल भी सबको देता है,
दिल में बसने वाला भी सबको देता है,
दिल को समझने वाला नसीब वालो को ही देता है…!!

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!Musqurate Hain To Bijliya Gira Dete Hain,
Baat Karte Hain To Deewana Bana Dete Hain,
Husan walo Ki Nazar Kam Nahi qayamat Se,
Aag Pani Me Vo Nazaron Se Laga Dete Hain…!

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Dear brother,
today is rakhsha bandan
and u r not here by my side..
but we r close in each others thought
and my love will always be with u.
I love u & miss you…
Happy Rakshan bandhan brother

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Rishta hai janmo ka hamara
Bharose ka aur pyaar bhara
Chalo, ise bandhe bhaiya Rakhi ke atut bandhan mein.
Happy Raksha Bandhan to my dearest brother

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