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Children's Day - Bal Divas - 14th of November Sms Shayari Quote Whatsapp Status

"Children are the World's most valuable resources
and its best hope for the future"
Happy Children's Day

- John.F.Kennedy

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This is a festival of happiness but,
still we seen bad things,
which belongs to very well educated family people but
still we claim on uneducated ones,
All people are great person.
We only have to look on their behaviour not on this that who are they or from where they belong,
so, this Children's Day 2014 remove barriers and celebrate Happy Children's Day 2015 together.

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Listen to the desires of your children. Encourage them and then give them the autonomy to make their own decision.Happy Childrens day

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Childhood is
An enchanting vista
An endless fun
A joyful classroom
An experience
An era of imagination
An artistic journey
An ode to love
A happy moment
Happy Children’s Day

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टीचर टीचर, आज ना कुछ कहना हमको,
आज हम खुब मौज उडाऐंगे,
साल भर तो आपकी हमने सुनी,
आज हम बाते आपको अपनी बताऐंगे ।

बाल दिवस की शुभकामनाऐं...

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Madam Aaj Na Daantna Humko
Aaj Hum Khele Gayenge,
Saal Bhar Humne Kiya Intezaar
Aaj Hum Baal Divas Manayenge!

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