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दर्द होता नहीं दुनिया को दिखाने के लिए,
हर कोई रोता नहीं आँसू बहाने के लिए,
रुठने का मज़ा तो तब आता है,
जब कोई अपना होता है मनाने के लिए…

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Is Behte Dard Ko Mat Roko
Ye To Saza Hai Kisi Ke Intezaar Ki
Log Inhe Aansu Kahe Ya Deewangi
Par Ye To Nishani Hain Kisi Ke Pyar Ki...

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Mana ke dil hai ek magar pyaar bohot hai
jab pyaar horaha hai to inkaar bohot hai
her lamha saat rehne ko mein soch raha tha
wo keh rahi hai pyaar me itwar bohot hai...

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~*~ W O M A N ~*~

The Lifetime Of A
Boy To Man...

...I Was Born, A Woman
Was There To Hold Me

I Grew As A Child,
A Woman Was There To
Care For Me & Play With

I Went To School, A
Woman Was There To
Help Me Learning

I Became Depressed
Whenever I Lost , A Woman
Was There To Offer A

I Needed Company,
Compatibility & Love.
A Great Woman Was There
For Me


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Reading The Same Page Can Never
Let U Know The End
So Turn The Page And Move On..!

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No Matter How Many Times The Teeth
Bite The Tounge
They Still Stay Together In One Mouth
That's The Spirit Of Forgiveness..!

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