Festival SMS [Shivratri SMS]

Added 3 years ago

Ram Ram From The Island Paradise
Of Fiji Known As Ramnik Dweep
In Bhagwat Scriptures.
I Wish All Hindu Brothers And
Sisters Worldwide A Happy And
Blessed Mahashivratri
Jay Shiv Shankar.

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Added 3 years ago

I Pray To You For
All The People In This World.
Please Give Everyone Image
Happiness, Peace And Lots Of Smiles.
This Is My Prayer For Today.
Om Namah Shivaaye!!

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Added 3 years ago

On This Pious Occasion Of Mahashivratri,
Many Many Greetings To All Of You.
May Lord Shiva Shower On You His Blessings
With Happiness, Prosperity & Peace.

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Added 3 years ago

Pi Ke Bhaang Jamaa Lo Rang
Jindgi Bite Khushiyon Ke Sang
Lekr Naam Shiv Bhole Ka
Dil Men Bhar Lo Shivraatri Ki Umng.
Aapke Sbhi Priyjnon Ko Shubh Maha Shivraatri.

HeartLike SMS #27 - SMS Length: 166
Added 3 years ago

Shiv Ko Sab Se Pyaar Hai;
Unke Gale Men Shes Naag Kaa Haar Hai;
Bhang Pio Aur Mast Ho Jao;
Kyonki Aaj To Shiv Shambhu Kaa Tyohaar Hai.
Shubh Mhaashivraatri.

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Added 3 years ago

Shiv Satay Hai, Shiv Anant Hai,
Shiv Anadi Hai,

Shiv Bhagwant Hai, Shiv Omkar
Hai, Shiv Bramh Hai,

Shiv Shakti Hai, Shiv Bhakti Hai.

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