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Latest ‘Best Of Luck SMS’ Collection

Ummido Ki Kashti

Ummido Ki Kashti Ko Duboya Nahi Karte,
Sahil Agar Door Ho To Roya Nhi Krte..
Rakhte Hai Jo Ummid Kuch Pane Ki,
Wo Log Zindgi Me Kuch Khoya Nhi Karte..!!
Best of Luck

We are the Footballs

‘Life Is A Football Game,
& We are the Footballs.
Never Mind The Kicks Of People,
Without Kicks We May Not Reach The GoaL…
Best Of Luck

Success is a

Success is a ‘Century’ Make it.
Problem is a ‘Yorker’ Face it. Luck is a ‘Fulltoss’ use it.
But; OPPORTUNITY is a ‘FREE HIT’ never Miss It..!
Best of Luck

Trusting God won’t make

Trusting God won’t make the mountain
Trusting God won’t make the mountain smaller but it will make climbing easier.
Hope u will be able to climb all your mountains always.
Good Luck

Happiness as light

Happiness as light as air.
Friends as solid as diamonds and
success as bright as gold.
These are my wishes 4 u today n everyday…
Good Luck

Fly in the plane

Fly in the plane of Ambition
& Land in the Airport of Success…
Luck is yours, Wish is mine…
May Ur future always shine…
Good Luck

If someone hurts you

If someone hurts you,
don’t mind because its the law of nature,
that tree that bears the sweetest fruit,
gets the maximum number of stones…
Best of Luck.

Life is like a coin

Life is like a coin
Pleasure and pain are the two sides,
Only one side is visible at time,
But remember
other side also waiting for its turn…
Best of luck.

Every King was once

Every King was once a crying baby
n every great building was once a map.
It’s not important where u r today,
but where u will reach TOMORROW is important.
Best Of Luck

Never Say U R

Never Say U R Happy When U R Sad..
Never Say U R Fine When U R Not Ok..
Never Say U Feel Good When U Feel Bad,.
Never Say U R Alone When I M Still Alive…..{Dedicated To My Friend}
Good Luck And Best Wishes For Ever

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